In One Ear: Notes From the Local Music Scene


Matthew Gromala, Reporter

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Hopefully that holds true for all the readers after winter break.

A decent amount of updates have been building up, a whole Menzingers tour was announced; the venue Lyrics in Carbondale announced it will no longer be hosting shows past the spring (not actually the worst news, because in all honesty I never liked the place, even if it was one of the few to hold all ages shows); a Lackawanna County commissioner proposed eliminating the county arts tax, which has for a while helped fund some of the coolest art exhibits, plays and concerts in the area. But I’ll get to all of this over the next few issues. So let’s jump right into the first band profile of the New Year.

Spotlight: GlowNovember

GlowNovember is a Scranton-based band, whose main genre is Pop Punk. The band consists of Kyle Taylor, as lead vocals and guitar, Thomas Twiss drums/vocals, Brian Teed on rhythm guitar and Mike Morrison on bass.

“Drummer Thomas Twiss and I have been lifelong friends since the age of 10. We have both been playing for most of our lives, and one day two years ago it finally clicked that we should start a group considering we both share the same dream and enjoy the same styles,” said Taylor.

A good way to describe their sound, and they’ve had people say this during almost every show, is that the band is an original mix of State Champs, Four Year Strong, and The Story So Far combined into one big pop-punk baby.

The band has a bunch of shows coming up. They’re actually quite busy throughout February, which is great to see because heavy bookings simply aren’t the reality for many local bands, for various reasons.

The show they are most excited for, and the one for which want to get the word out as much as possible, is on February 10. It’s for their good friends Carousel Kings’ new album release at the Sherman Showcase in Stroudsburg, Monroe County. The show is expected to sell out, so if you would like tickets contact Taylor or the band on Facebook. Tickets are $12. Taylor stressed this show will sell out, and quickly.

The band will be extremely busy in the studio this year.

“This year we plan on releasing two EPs, one acoustic, one electric, and perhaps a few singles, although our real focus for 2017 is to release at least 3 music videos,” said Taylor.

You can listen to their newest album, “Life Sucks, Get Over It,” which is currently streaming on all major platforms including iTunes/Spotify/Amazon Music/Google Music.

Updates: The Menzingers

I’m this new section to provide tidbits or updates on topics I have written about in the past.

The Menzingers released two more tracks off their next album, “After The Party.” These tracks are the title track and one called “Thick as Thieves.” While I had been appreciating the blunted edge of the last few tracks they had dropped, “Thick as Thieves” was a great throwback to that heavy, raw sound that made me love The Menzingers in the first place.

After I finish this column, but before anyone gets to read it, the album will be out, and The Menzingers are even returning to their old stomping grounds for an acoustic show and signing at Gallery of Sound in Wilkes-Barre Township on Saturday, February 4. I’ll let you know that goes.

I guess I could have just called this section “Menzingers News Now,” but I do have one more update on the band, though this one is pretty bittersweet for me. When I went to see Michale Graves last semester, the same night in Bethlehem I missed a dream concert, when The Menzingers opened for Weezer. This concert took place at The Sands Casino, and a month later I am bummed I missed it.

Just to get some variety here, and because I really enjoy this band as well, let me tell you about some exciting news from Scranton-band-turned-national-touring-act Captain, We’re Sinking. After two years playing the same songs, they have finally decided to get back into the studio and record a brand spanking new album. Unfortunately, no release date is available, as it is still too early in the process. They previewed a few new tracks they had been fooling around with at the annual Holiday Show in December.