No Spare Change: A Trip to Roba’s Family Farm

Felicia Glover, Columnist

My family and I packed up the car and headed out to Roba’s Family Farm in North Abington Township for a day full of critters, jumping munchkins and an a-maze-ing type of disorientation.

There was a line at the entrance when we arrived, and we still had to park and wait in another line for our wrist bands.

We quickly found a map and a schedule of activities.

We found two fabulous features – the Marvelous Mutts show and the Pig Races – and we wanted to see both.

There was so much to do that we were a little disappointed that we couldn’t do everything on our growing list. Roba’s had s’mores treats later on that evening, but we were not staying that late in the day.

Our first stop was to  the Animal Farm, a petting and feeding frenzy, perfect for kids.

My son wanted to feed the goats, so we got some chow and he enjoyed interacting with the critters so much, that he didn’t want to leave the goat. Fortunately, he was lured to the Bunnyville rabbit pen. The rabbits live in this cool tiny house in a realistic teeny, tiny town, which, upon reflection, was more inviting and a lot less work than what came next.

That was the mini corn maze, and I did not want to try to get lost in that thing.

But my son pulled us in, and, yes, we were lost immediately. This was our first experience in a maze, so we struggled a bit. If you have never experienced a corn maze, I would suggest going through the mini or smallest maze first! But we enjoyed touching the corn, and the kids liked picking it up off the ground and examining the feel and texture of it.

Mercifully, it didn’t take us too long to get through the mini maze – 15 minutes – and we had fun finding our way out of it.

We celebrated our victory with a hayride, which was a little less intense.

It was a relaxing way to see the farm and to find a little peace from the giggles and grins in the maze. We saw campsites and tree plantings, and the children watched other kids frolicking and playing in the Munchkin Jump and Jumping Pillow, which is an inflatable jumping platform. The kids kicked their shoes off and jumped as high as they could. Each pillow offered about 15 minutes of jumping time, which was enough – but only for me.

I bribed my sons to get off of the jumping pillows, and that’s when we noticed a show going on. It was the Marvelous Mutts show, and the dogs were so cute and enthusiastic! We got to sit and watch the second half of the show with Shazam, one of the doggy stars.

There was audience participation, too, and a segment with a doggy dive, which was a splash! (No audience participation there).

Eager to see what else was in store, my boys saw a sign for the Mega Maze. Now, truthfully, I tried so hard to get them to miss it, but as I was calling them, they saw a list of rules about the mega-sized attraction. I couldn’t say no. The maze is so imposing, that they made us watch a video before we entered.

Basically, the video instructed us to allow one to two hours to get through – and here’s the scary part: If we got stuck, we were to wave a flag in the air for help! What did I sign up for?

Fortunately, the video also told us that if we were lost and thirsty, there was a café in the middle where we could rest and get a drink. It was an oasis, so at least we would survive.

My son begged to go – against my better judgment –  so we grabbed a puzzle to entertain the kids while we were in the maze and we were off.

Inside, there are 12 stations, each containing a piece of the maze map. So after 30 minutes of searching for station 1, we finally found station 5.

I told my sons that we were definitely, perhaps hopelessly, lost.

Fortunately, we stumbled across an observation bridge, so I got up there and looked around to see if I could determine our location. I told my crew to head right.

We made it out safely by finding our way back to the entrance, no oasis needed, but we didn’t complete the maze. Maybe next year.


At this point we had only made it halfway through Roba’s, and we had some more ground to cover.

Roba’s had so many fall food favorites, with fresh cider slushies in cute mason jars, hot cider doughnuts, warm kettle corn, which we enjoyed, and a variety of food trucks filled with different types of treats.

Roba’s Family Farm was a great way for us to spend some family time.

Also, Roba’s offers College Student Night each Friday, so take your school IDs, a car full of friends, and enjoy a fall evening!

And the (little) maze. Enjoy the (little) maze.