Creative Corner: Don’t Quote Me


Taylor Rupp, Columnist

“Blood is thicker than water”

They say: you were born into this world with an automatic loyalty. From which you came you should always return. Everlasting maternity. Biological family requires the highest of respects. Those who bring you into this chaos, who raise you, who protect you, who know you are the people you owe.

But, Oh, the orphans whose lives then must be woe, for there is no blood left to let except their own. Should they then fret for their lack of loyalties? Subject them to a thousand pities? No?

Blood is thicker than water is not the whole story.

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”

The blood of the bonded, the blood from making promises and agreements is stronger than the passive levitation in embryonic fluid before the start of life. Creation stronger than obligation. Friendships are families. What you are given is not always what you should get. There is no need to stay loyal to abusers, absent parents, violent siblings, bigoted grandparents, or any naysayers. Choose your family, biological or not. Families are the people who raise you, who protect you, who know you, and who will never say you owe them.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none”

They say: knowing many trades is useless, unproductive. A mockery for not knowing your direction. Focus yourself. Dedicate yourself to one. One is all you need. If you don’t stay true, then you will never be able to master anything. A failure. A whispered start early and practice constantly, and the hushed it’s too late for you. How many hours more do you need? How much more life will you lose? Do you think an old dog can learn a new language past adolescence? The unfamiliar words garbled on your tongue. Don’t bother with the violin or guitar. Where are your callouses? Jack waited too long. Punishment for exploring and trying everything. Cursed; forever a novice.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”

A new way for a new age when trades change constantly. English, psychology, history, math, and science combined, all of which will enrich the mind. Learn, learn, learn and grow. Collect facts, thoughts, and theories. They might be more practical than you think. CONNECT. Everything exists together. Inseparable influences. Explore the connections to explore the world. Putting blinders on to focus leaves out much of the world’s beauty. Enjoy the patterns in the chaos around you.

“Curiosity killed the cat”

They say: Death awaits. Death is the answer. Death is what happens when you stop believing the others and want to know for yourself. Don’t open that box, the world doesn’t need more despair. Stop asking questions. We don’t have any answers. Fine. Because I say so; don’t tell anyone that I don’t know. There are no answers, we just follow. Simon says shut up and agree. Stay hollow. Don’t cause trouble. Don’t mess with the status quo. Questions make us uncomfortable. Why? Why? Why?

Questions can reveal—

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”

An unnatural conclusion to a natural feeling. With nine lives, cats can afford the curiosity, and usually, you can too. Ask questions. Adventure. Learn. Don’t settle. You don’t have to be a follower. Tear apart the old. The old will fight, tell you to stop questioning. That is the dangerous curiosity. The closer you get, the more questionable the structure becomes. Continue to tear apart the old. Revel in your own creations. Question everyone, everything, including yourself.  How does this work? What is that for? Who are you? Why do you feel that way? Find answers, or create them. Find the dissatisfaction and the lies. Live Your Life. Be satisfied.

“Great minds think alike”

They say: Shared ideas make us happy. When two heads come to one conclusion makes it feel more valid. Like a math problem where your friend has the same answer as you. Like a friend with the same political views as you. The more people who agree, the less likely you all will be wrong. A sense of solidarity. All of you know the same feelings the same thoughts. The same thoughts buzzing around in your heads, directing your actions, your feelings, your ambitions. United we stand.

“Great minds think alike. Small minds rarely differ.”

Perhaps what we know isn’t all there is. From great to small. It’s quite the fall. There is only so much space inside the box. A shared illusion. A hive mind. Telling us indistinguishable truths and lies. Crowds of believers repeating slurs until people lose their meaning. A Reich in its own right. Something horrifying until you start to agree. When you start to see the world with the same eyes and think you must be right. You can’t all be wrong, right? Question. Learn. Grow.