Talent Show Draws Multitude of Performers

Annette Ritzko, Wed Editor

Homecoming weekend drew 25 zany and talented performers to the annual talent show, which featured an array of acts that included everything from singers to Hula dancers.

Darcy Brodmerkel, Director of Student Activities, said it was easy to entice a crowd of students eager to enjoy the show.

“I usually have to send out numerous requests to get talent acts out there, but this year I sent out one e-mail and we got all of those that are participating,” said Brodmerkel.

A $1 donation collected at the door benefits a scholarship fund for the Women with Children Program in Sister Jean Messaros’ name in honor of her 50th Jubilee.

This year’s emcees were Michael Gombita, a senior communications major, and Alec Rodway, a sophomore mathematics and statistics major.

Gombita was as pleased as Brodmerkel about this year’s variety of acts, and he commends the many students who performed in more than one.

“We’re just excited to have more variety of talent, and we have a couple of people who are jumping in between acts so they’ll be tired by the end of the night,” said Gombita.

Gombita is a seasoned host, as this is his second year as co-host of the show. He said a little known fact is that co-hosts do more than joke and make fun of people; they go through the whole show the night before and plan what to do between each act.

“Thursday night, Alec Rodway and I were sitting in Insalaco until 11:37 p.m. that night trying to figure out the show, and we actually started at 4:30 p.m. doing rehearsals, timing people and asking for preferences,” said Gombita

Although a lot of planning and time goes into  show, finding a seat at it is no easy task, either, as sophomore occupational therapy major Brianna Kominiak and senior physical therapy major Michael Trygar discovered. Both arrived approximately two hours early to snag a good seat.

“I got here early because the line was so long last year. Fortunately, I have friends with me to help with the boredom,” said Kominiak.

“Last year, I got here around 7:30 p.m. and I was literally in the basement waiting in line, so I told myself  I better get here early this time  in order to get some good seats,” said Trygar.

Olivia Meyer, a sophomore physical therapy major, and her friend came an hour early to get a spot and cheer on their pals in the show.

“My friends are in the dance ensemble, and my friend and I are like supportive moms, so we’ll be taking videos and you need a good seat to for that. Also, my friend broke her glasses and now she can’t see,” said Meyer.

There were so many acts this year that Brodmerkel decided to not have an intermission between sets. Instead, Homecoming King, senior Thomas Scott, and Queen, senior Kylie Romeo, were crowned.

“I was just excited to be with everyone today. It was super fun and all the talents were amazing,” said Romeo about her night.

Performers Lauren Hayden, a senior English major, and Rebecca Cristino, a junior speech pathology major, were nervous about performing, but they were satisfied, and relieved, by their act.

“Before I got onstage, I was really nervous like I usually am, but once I got onstage I had a lot of fun and I think Nicole, with whom I was doing a duet, and I fed off each other’s energy. I’m really happy for everyone and I feel great,” said Hayden.

Cristino said she is pleased with the duo’s performance. “I love music more than anything in the world and the fact that Misericordia gives us an opportunity to share music, I think, is amazing,” she said.

The first half of the show consisted of the musical talents of the Misericordia Band, Christine Zopf, Adam Ercolani, Beyond Harmony, Julie Millhouse, Lucien Nocelli, Yamilex Rodriguez, Craig Winder, and the band of Harrison Kerch, Dawson Kerch, Rebecca Cristino, and Tyler Nolan. Molly Noon and Kaili Higgens, Logan Ferguson, and the university’s cheerleaders performed dances.

The second half of the show was comprised of musical performances by Stone McCreary, Nicole Liebeknecht and Stephanie Helsel, Jackie Buckley and Sarah Carne, Austin Martinelli and James Duffy, George Stock, Cassy Silveri and Adam Ercolani, and Lauren Hayden. There were also dance performances by the Dance Ensemble, Dance Team, Jordan Brouse, Stephanie Schultz, Rachel Polacheck, and Alexa Malloy and a surprise dance act at the end of the show.