Fashion Digest: Stylin’ n Profilin’

Lena Williams, Columnist

New York Fashion Week is the annual event where everyone who is a part of the fashion industry looks at the latest trends. Popular designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, and not so popular designers, such as Bianca Spinder, showcase their collections to introduce new trends so the press and buyers can determine what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the season. As an active follower of fashion on various types of social media and the internet, I read about a few trends that have been popping up in multiple designers’ collections. The two major trends that caught my eye are fringe and gingham!
As a college student interested in fashion, I strive to look my best as often as I can, but I cannot afford to drop $200 on a beautiful, black cotton fringe dress from Ulla Johnson. After some intensive research, I have found alternatives to help you incorporate these trends into your wardrobe without breaking the bank.
The use of fringe, dates all the way back to 3000 B.C. throughout civilizations in Mesopotamia. It was most popular on the back of cowboy jackets during the old American West and on various types of clothing in the 70’s. While I was observing a few designer’s collections, I noticed how they didn’t stick to the typical fringe bag, but they got creative and put fringe along the hemlines of jackets and skirts. If you love this fad as much as I do, then you should check out This website offers clothes, shoes and accessories for prices that will fit an average college student’s budget. I found many cute and stylish clothing pieces with fringe that will appeal to all demographics. For example, I found a very chic black fringe dress that is perfect for a night out on the town. This dress stops at the middle of the thigh, it’s sleeveless, and it has long fringe at the front.
Another trend that surfaced the runways is gingham prints.
This print, which is known as the cousin of plaid, is associated with the classic picnic-style print. This textile dates back to the 17th century in Malaysia and Indonesia, and it was first exported to Europe and later to the United States. However, gingham, just like fringe, was alive throughout centuries. This fabric was extremely popular during the 20th century on dresses and school uniforms for young girls. Today, gingham is occasionally used in fashion to give clothes a more retro and youthful look. As I was exploring the designers that incorporated gingham into their collections, I came across adorable fleece leather gingham clutches from Brooks Brothers. If you are familiar with Brooks Brothers’ preppy business attire and prices, you know that it is smart to find a similar clutch for a more affordable price. For example, I found a gingham print clutch on a website called anthropologie. Because of the vibrant colors on this clutch, it steps away from the vintage vibe that the basic gingham print possesses, and it can be worn as a statement piece, which will bring your outfit to life.
We all want to buy those $900 blue satin shoes from Manolo Blahnik or those $200 square-frame lightweight acetate sunglasses from Gucci. Unfortunately, for most of us that’s not our reality. However, we live in time when thrift stores, consignment stores and affordable online stores are thriving in the retail industry. So always remember that there are numerous ways for you to look fresh off the runway without exceeding your credit card limit!