Hey You, MU! Changes it Up

Brittany Hayes, Web Editor

Hey You, MU! and MCN 87 will offer new segments and  shows for both the fall and spring semesters.

Taryn Talacka, student producer of Hey You, MU!, said the show, which airs on the university’s television station MCN 87, will be the focus of most of the updates.  Hey You, MU! was previously known as Cougar Cast, but producers changed the name recently.

Talacka said the Profiles and NEPA Uncovered segments will be replaced.

“Profiles got the scoop about people on campus who had unique talents or skills, and NEPA Uncovered went around the area to check out unique places that would be interesting to students. Those segments were a lot of fun, but there weren’t many more people or places to check out, so we got rid of them,” said Talacka.

Staff will add a movie discussion and campus sports segments to the show.

“We’re still in the process of naming them, but the movies segment, which has been done in the past, will feature student critiques discussing certain films, and the sports segment will highlight Misericordia’s sports teams and the drills they do to prepare for their games,” said Talacka.

Talacka said she’s expecting great things for MCN and Hey You, MU!

“I’m looking forward to watching the show grow. We have so many people involved this year, and that’s really going to spread the word about our television station and the neat things we do. We may be a small station, but we’re going great things.”

MCN 87 is also bringing back the show Sports Reporters. The show will consist of a  panel discussion about what’s happening each week in sports. The show took a hiatus last semester but will return in October.

The station is also in talks to develop a full show devoted to regional food.

Hey You, MU! has a segment called Zest, which is a localized version of the national show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in which the host visits a new restaurant every month and finds out how to make the signature dishes. The new show will air in the spring.

MCN 87 is  in the process of putting the station’s first music show in collaboration with student radio station, Cougar Radio. Bands will perform live each month, and the free show will be recorded in the television studio in the basement of Munson. Production on the first show is set for September 22nd. It will feature the local band Mock Sun. Students are welcome to come by at 8:30 p.m. to enjoy the first recording. The show will also be featured on Cougar Radio.

Talacka said the staff of both MCN 87 and Hey You, MU! are always looking for help from students of all majors.

“I’ve received a lot of emails from students who have shown interest in hosting the segments, but behind-the-scenes help is always appreciated. MCN87 can train students of all majors, and we encourage that students outside of the communications department get involved with us,” said Talacka.

Talacka said students can  expect a fun ending to the last Hey You, MU! show of the semester, courtesy of Assistant Communications Professor Dan Kimbrough.

“I asked Dan the other day about the sports segment, and he sent me this elaborate email explaining some things to me. At the end of it, he said, ‘If we can pull this off consistently, I’ll dance an Irish Jig for Show Four credits.’ He didn’t think I would read that far into the email, but I’m definitely holding him to it,” said Talacka.

Students who are interested in working with MCN 87 or Hey You, MU! are welcome to attend meetings, which are  held every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Mezzanine communications lab. Students are also welcome to email MCN 87 executives at any time at [email protected]

[email protected]