Students Bring On New Year Regimens

Highlander Staff Reports, Reporter

Sophomore speech language pathology major Rachel Bossler thinks new year’s resolutions are very important to keep, but she said it is more important to set reasonable goals rather than jump head first into something new.

“A new year’s resolution is a goal or objective that you set for yourself,” said Bossler.

Bossler’s resolutions are to volunteer more and lend her spare time to those who need.

“I plan on working on this goal not just now but always. I also want to strengthen my relationship with God,” she said.

Another student planning to work toward fulfilling a long-term resolution is senior early childhood and special education major Kirsten Fisher. She thinks if a person is determined to change, they can do it any time of the year, not only when the calendar says so. But she said it all depends on individual goals and life perspectives.

“Some people are truly happy with where they are in life, while others may not be,” said Fisher.

Fisher said the new year is a time to set personal goals for things to achieve in the immediate future or for the long run.

“I don’t really have one, but if I were to make one it would be to train hard and run a good half marathon, become a better me in all aspects of my life such as faith, school, teaching, friendships and family, attitude, etcetera,” said Fisher, who is also an active member of Campus Ministry.

Dr. Margaret Ann Rapp, Associate Professor of Social Work and Chair of the Behavioral Science Department, said one should be committed to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle without looking at the calendar.

While she does not make new year’s resolutions, she said if people want to make a change the new year can be a good timeto choose. She said it completely depends on the individual.

“I guess it would be what some people want to commit themselves to as a life change,” she said

Rapp said if students make smart choices for themselves and others, they don’t need resolutions to live a healthy lifestyle.

According to, the most popular new year’s resolutions in- clude losing weight, volunteering to help others, quitting smoking, saving money, getting fit and eating healthier food, in 2014.

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