Twilight takes bite out of Eww Yaboo

Brittany Hayes, Reporter

Eww Yaboo, a local “gutter-pop” band from Wilkes-Barre, recently signed a publishing deal with Los Angeles-based company Benair Churchill and these fellows have wasted no time using this opportunity to their advantage. Two thirds of Eww Yaboo, Nate Andreoli and Drew Carsillo, are y proud of the progress they’ve made and are excited to see what the future holds for them.

Nate Andreoli said of the publishing contract, “Anything that we record as a band can be licensed through Benair-Churchill to be used for things such as movie soundtracks, commercials, etc.” Benair-Churchill has been known for publishing underground, yet beloved artists such as – Rubblebucket, The Van Jets, and Light FM to name a few.

Eww Yaboo signed this contract in later January. “We signed this so we can get paid for the music we are making. We want to use it to give the band more exposure and recognition,” said Carsillo. “We want this publishing deal to help us to be able to play music full time, to make a living off of touring around,” said Andreoli.

Eww Yaboo will already have a song featured on the upcoming Twilight “Breaking Dawn Part II” soundtrack this year.

The guys hope to one day make the band a career. “We expect to have to continue having day jobs, but the ultimate goal is to continue recording and playing shows until we reach the level that we won’t have to have a day-to-day job,” says Andreoli.

Eww Yaboo was formed in winter 2008 when both Andreoli and Carsillo were living in Brooklyn, NY. The two have been friends since middle school. “We have both been in bands together on and off since we were 14,” said Carsillo.

Soon after the formation of Eww Yaboo the guys moved back to the town they call home for the majority of their childhoods. “We moved back to Wilkes-Barre in the summer of 2009 and just spent the year writing and recording songs until we solidified the lineup. We started playing local shows in the summer 2010,” said Andreoli.

Eww Yaboo’s style is unlike many local bands. “Our friend Eric Davis dubbed us ‘Gutter-Pop,’ It’s more so of an aggressive style of pop, but not quite pop-punk,” says Andreoli.Their music is upbeat and danceable but still stays true to their punk roots. “I think we are everything that’s great about music today,” said Carsillo.

The group draws influence from many different sources, musically and beyond. “I think we’re mainly influenced by bands such as The Wipers, Television, the list goes on,” said Andreoli. “I’m really influenced by a lot of different things. Nikki Sudden is definitely a big one. Just all of the greats. I also take inspiration for music from not just bands and artists, but also comedians – Mitch Hedberg for instance is a big influence on my life and my music,” said Carsillo.

Eww Yaboo put out their first EP on Halloween of this past year entitled, “Yeah, What?” released by Summersteps Records based out of Scranton. The guys are looking to put out another EP by late summer or early fall of this year. “Yeah, What?” is available on seven inch vinyl or digital download on iTunes.

“We’re currently trying to find a new bass player, working on getting another EP out in the near future, and writing more songs,” said Andreoli. The music catalog for the band is growing at a rapid pace. “As of right now, we have about 30 songs written, but a set of about 12 completely finished ones. We have a lot of songs that we are working on,” said Carsillo.

Their ambitions for the near future include a few “mini tours” and just playing around. “That is, if we don’t self-destruct by then,” joked Carsillo.

Eww Yaboo has played in almost all of the major cities in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and surrounding states. “We’ve played at Death by Audio in Brooklyn and at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia,” said Andreoli. “The out of town shows are always a lot of fun,” added Carsillo.

Eww Yaboo still holds home as a special spot. “We love playing at The Crimson Lion Hookah Lounge in Wilkes-Barre. All of our friends come out and it’s a great time,” Andreoli said.

“We’re just determined to stick with this and just do it. I mean, we have no serious careers or intentions on having one. We play music and this is really all we’ve got. We are not going to give up on this,” said Andreoli.